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Support Group Meetings

    Our support group  meetings are held the second Tuesday of the month from 7:00 - 8PM at the  Gathering Place

351 W Broad St -enter next to the Rite Aid in downtown Quakertown.

{}Two Simple Words: Thank You

The revival Memorial Walk and Butterfly Walk of 2022 was a huge success. The event is much needed to sustain our financial fund for the Memorial Garden, but this year it was needed even more simply so we could all be together. AND together we were!  Brian, who has been our bagpiper for many years, said he had never seen such a huge turn out in. We counted over 250 people who completed the actual walk and several dozen more people hanging in the pavilions. 

While no one volunteers for recognition, I did not get a chance to thank my team who helped pull this event from start to finish. 

          Dianna (in memory of her son Michael) - thank you for rocking the ordering of the registrations! It ran so smoothly I do not even know what you did. 

          Lisa (in memory of her son Eddie) - overseeing the raffle baskets and the financials could not be completed without you! Thank you! 

          Theresa & Henry (in memory of their son Clayton and many siblings) - Thank you so much for housing the trailer the chapter owns in addition to making sure the garden was in tip top shape. 

          Lynette (in memory of her son Shawn) and our special Plaque Team - Nothing feels better than getting those plaques applied! Thank you … you know who you are! 

          Ginny (in memory of her son Brian) - Thank you for giving up a day so we could get organized and all of the memories/knowledge on the details of the event! I could not have done this without you. 

          Day of Volunteers - there were so many of you who spoke up and offered to help. This is a dream come true for me!  I left the event and simply hoped you felt appreciated and needed– I can’t list all of you because I will miss someone. From selling items to setting up to putting things back and of course cooking the hot dogs– the hours you gave are truly irreplaceable. 

I cannot list everyone, but know that every act was appreciated as it takes a team to complete an event this large. Whatever your role was, thank you. Thank you for spreading the word. Thank you for attending the event. Thank you for donating items for the raffle baskets. Thank you for purchasing t-shirts and butterflies. Thank you for making things so we could sell them for profit to our chapter. While we got hit with a few sprinkles (tears from above), the weather was absolutely perfect (considering this sweltering 90 and higher we are having!).

Until next time, I am so sorry you are receiving this newsletter but I am so grateful we are here to support you. This event is a beautiful reminder that you are not alone and we are here right beside you. 

All the hugs. 


Chapter Leader

in memory of my brother Justin