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February Meeting cancelled due to weather. Next meeting March 12

Support Group Meetings

    Our support group     meetings are held the second Tuesday of the month from 7:30 - 9:00 PM at the St Lukes Hospital, 1021 Park Ave in Quakertown, PA in the Taylor room A& B conference rooms on the ground floor.

Wounded Heart

"Your broken heart requires at least as much care as a broken bone. With

proper care you can be confident that you will heal. The same powerful

forces that mend a broken bone will heal your emotional pain, but a

wounded heart needs time and proper care top heal."

~Harold Bloomfield, MD~

If someone fell and broke a leg, people would rush to their aid. They wouldn’t stop to even think about it. Yet, when it’s our hearts that are broken, few rush to our aid and even fewer understand. At first, we receive the cards and phone calls wishing us well and telling us "if there’s anything I can do"...but they soon taper off to a trickle. Then we begin to hear that we must ‘get on with our life,’ ‘we can’t let it get us down,’ and we’re told just how soon we should be ‘back to normal’... we’re given a deadline of sorts. When we don’t follow the acceptable standards for healing, we are thought to ‘need help’...the professional kind... and we’re told that we are ‘in denial’. These same people, who seem to have all of the answers, not only have never experienced the loss of a child but also tend to not want to get too involved...too close to our pain. They would rather stand off to the side until we’re back to our old selves...whatever that is! They’re uncomfortable when we speak of why our hearts are broken and they don’t mention it for fear of reminding us of how our hearts broke in the first

place... as if we could ever forget. When they ask us, "How are you"’s more a greeting than a question. They don’t want to hear how we ache inside, how lonely and empty we feel, how desolate we feel. Why...because they can’t fix it. They can’t make us whole again. And unlike a broken bone that’s healed, we will never be as good as new. We will forever be missing a part of what made us the person that we once were. When our child died, so did a part of our heart and where that piece was, now there is nothing...only a gaping hole that nothing and no one can ever fill. Unlike a broken bone, we will not mend in a few fact, we will never fully mend. We learn to live without that piece of our live with our loss, to day at a time!

Jacquelyn M. Comeaux

In Loving Memory of My Angels...

Michelle, Jerry & Danny

Copyright 2001 Reprinted by permission of author

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